Bremer Ford Assists Young Diggers

July 4, 2022

Bremer Ford Support Assistance Dogs for Veterans, First Responders, and support for their Families

Young Diggers provides support services and programs to support serving and ex-serving personnel of the Australian Defence Force and First Responders, their dependents, and direct family members.

They’ve launched a new fundraising campaign, “4 for a PAW”, which is basically $4 once a month for a year or two or more. It’s less than a cup of coffee and means that little bits add up so that a small contribution becomes part of ongoing monthly support. This way they can look at better financial forecasting and regular programs for the organisation.

Bremer Ford has subsidised the running costs of a Ford Ranger by providing 3 years of free servicing. With this assistance, Young Diggers have already delivered and picked up dogs, taken veterans and dogs to training, moved equipment and due to the fantastic wrap on the truck, thanks to ProCloud, they have begun receiving donations via the QR code on the truck and the new landing page for Young Diggers Ltd.

How can you get involved?

Young Diggers is run entirely by volunteers. Your support ensures they can be there for those who need us most. By giving to Young Diggers you can create lasting change in the lives of our serving and ex-serving diggers and their families. Monthly donations allow them to confidently plan ahead with vital programs, knowing funds will be available.

Find out more or make a donation here